Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More books read recently

Punching in, the unauthorized adventures of a front-line employee, Alex Frankel.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Always amusing to read something where someone tries to be someone else, in this case a journalist role-playing the blue-collar or retail worker position. Some funny things and some reality checks.

Stumbling on happiness, Daniel Gilbert

Also thoroughly enjoyed. Not as much about happiness as it is a running commentary about findings in research that we don't accurately predict the future very well, and a variety of other predictable and common errors people make in thinking about the future, their emotional states, etc. People are funny, and I enjoy people watching. This text  to me, just as Punching In, is a great people watching kind of book.

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itcouldbekevin said...

Thanks! I'll have to look at the first one. Here's my list of books I've read this year:


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