Friday, October 13, 2006

Kicking and Screaming

I'm slowly learning how use a computer- thus the title. Its hard to keep up, though. Moore's law has befuddled me for years. And this technology is expensive. Anyway....

A buddy of mine from the MBA program asked me to start this blog and share it with potential MBA students who might want insights into the experiences of an Army Reservist (MP), psychologist, OBHR track student. Sounds like a very select group of people, so I may be the only person who ever reads this.

So it becomes my journal of sorts. I can repent of my lack of journaling. Since the mission, I may have written in my journal a total of 20 times. Less than 2xs a year leaves room for improvement, so maybe this blog is a good thing.

What's up in my life right now?

Military- I've got a 2 week training period in November, in preparation for a likely mobilization in February or so. When I get called up, we'll have a few months at Ft. Riley, Kansas, and after the validation exercises, off to Iraq, where I'll be an operations officer training the civilian and military police forces there. On the pessimistic side, there's potential that I don't come back, or come back missing body parts or sanity. And its not exactly convenient for the school and work plan that I had mapped out for this coming year. And Christine is not too happy about it. On the plus side, it is a tremendous leadership opportunity, I get to go as a Major given my promotion over the summer, and given that I've been in for 15 years, this is an opportunity for me to earn the money that I've been taking over that time. It is, in essence, what I signed up for, and I feel a sense of commitment to my "brothers in arms." Sounds a bit cheesy, but true.

School- Finishing up first block of first semester of 2d year in the MBA program, OBHR & Strategy emphases. Much less stressful than first year, excepting the stress associated with the military events noted above, and the job search and associated implications for family. I've been learning a bunch and reviewing a bunch that I've gotten to learn through my other studies. My daughter asked me why I still go to school. It is a funny question, given that I'm in "25th grade." I'm still in school because I enjoy it, I can afford it, it will improve our material circumstances in the long run, and I believe it will help me as I work to repent through Church service. I have always had a lot of repenting to do.

Work- I was able to "earn" an offer from Lowe's Companies Inc., where I did my summer internship this year in their Talent Management Dept. After sharing some market data, their offer was moved into line with the general market, so it is now a function of whether I feel like there is somewhere else I should be (which I don't). Also, we are working on deciding whether this is the best thing for our family. Christine and I are not very unified on this at this point, but I think we are getting closer. There are a small set of companies that I am truly interested in at this point- I'm not interested in rotational programs that will have me either separated from my family or uprooting them and moving them around. And I'm getting the impression that many of the companies that aren't interviewing me are not seeing the PhD as an asset but rather question my willingness to work at an entry level position. Given the military events upcoming, I'm probably thinking much more about career issues than is really important.

Family- Christine and the children are a real blessing to me, and I can always work more to bless their lives, and learn to enjoy and appreciate how much of a blessing they are. I tend to focus too much on the unpleasant aspects of dealing with fears, upset, fatigue, and the like which seem to be in so much abundance when I come home in the evenings. Sometimes I have my head right and can help in a constructive way. Other times I just get overwhelmed and want to hide from it all. I hope that I do enough of the right things for them all to forgive my shortcomings and that they can have the feeling that I love them and want them all to grow and succeed in their desires and goals.

Church- Was released last week from the Ward Executive Secretary position that I'd held for a year, the previous 4 months of that being 'in absentia'. Then the same day I was made the High Priest's Group's secretary. And now I'll miss church again this week for military duties. Oh well. Hopefully I can get reacquainted with the ward some over the next few months after the summer away. And before the extended absence for military work.

Shorter postings to follow- this was one of those long entries to kind of "catch up" or in this case, set the initial base.

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Jason Carson said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Dana! Good to have you. ;)